Serhiy Boltivets

Lifelong theory of hypnosis Eugene Hlywa


To the greatest psychologists of the world who during the second half of the twentieth decade and a half of the current century have enriched and deepened the idea of humanity about their mental capabilities, belongs to Australian psycho- and hypnotherapist of Ukrainian nationality and national self-awareness doctor Yevgen Hlyva (was born 05. 12. 1925).

         Developed by him and thoroughly tested in a clinical conditions new theory of hypnosis is a significant contribution to the development of medical psychology.

         There is a unique example of personal development and, consequently, life and professional psychological self-realization of Y. Hlyva who like millions of Ukrainian, despite severe psychic trauma is not only bad, but also incompatible with life cond ... Читати далі »

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Larysa Komakha

Knowledge as “Ontological Reality”: the Argument from “a priori”

Setting of the problem. The development of modern logic and philosophy expands the space of the theory of argumentation to which are involved phenomenological, hermeneutic, postmodern, pragmatic meanings and ideas. They enhance the effect of conscious entry of science into the system of new methodologies of cognition and culture of thinking. Peculiarities of updated understanding of true and false in the parameters of argumentation represents the philosophy of "conceptual pragmatism" developed by the American philosopher Clive Staples Lewis (1898-1963).

In the bosom of the history of ideas, pragmatism expanded understanding of the problem "empirical", had made innovations into the theory of "signs", into the modern formal logic especially into the lo ... Читати далі »

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