Serhiy Boltivets. Lifelong theory of hypnosis Eugene Hlywa

Serhiy Boltivets

Lifelong theory of hypnosis Eugene Hlywa


To the greatest psychologists of the world who during the second half of the twentieth decade and a half of the current century have enriched and deepened the idea of humanity about their mental capabilities, belongs to Australian psycho- and hypnotherapist of Ukrainian nationality and national self-awareness doctor Yevgen Hlyva (was born 05. 12. 1925).

         Developed by him and thoroughly tested in a clinical conditions new theory of hypnosis is a significant contribution to the development of medical psychology.

         There is a unique example of personal development and, consequently, life and professional psychological self-realization of Y. Hlyva who like millions of Ukrainian, despite severe psychic trauma is not only bad, but also incompatible with life conditions, ensured protection of psychic and somatic health, treatment and rehabilitation of tens of thousands of Australian patients.

         During 1946-1973 Yevgen Hlyva studied legal, political and psychological sciences, worked at Jung Institute, Zurich (Switzerland), got Master of psychology at the Ukrainian Free University, Munich (Germany) under the protection of research "Psychotherapy in the Western World and in the USSR "(1973). Doctoral degree in psychology, he was awarded for his thesis "Problems of identity in the light of modern psychotherapy and unconscious" (1974). Valid member of the Australian Association of Psychologists (1975) and beginning from the first half of the 70-th of XX century, valid member of the Association of clinical psychologists of Australia, Association of Health Workers of Australia, the Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis of Australia, International Association of hypnosis, International Society of clinical and experimental hypnosis, Ukrainian Medical Association of Australia, the Institute of clinical psychologists in private practice, clinical psychologists college, sports society "Sokol", volleyball association, church choir Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox church, Corresponding member of the Scientific Society named after Taras Shevchenko, a member of the League of Ukrainian political prisoners, chairman of Delegature of Ukrainian Free University in Australian lands, founder and chairman of the Committee interfaith defense of faith and religion in Ukraine, the chairman of the construction committee of the monastery of St. Basil the Great in Sydney, organizer and chairman of two convocations Ukrainian community in areas Bass Hill, Sefton, Chester Hill in New South Wales (district administrative division of Australian Union). Foreign Academician of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine (07.12.2005), constant lecturer and head-coach (supervisor) of Society of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis of Australia for a two-year course psychiatrists and psychologists Ministry of Health Defense of Australia that the finally diplomized in the field of clinical hypnosis.

In true love and fire iniquity

         Yevgen Hlyva was born December 5, 1925 in the village Nosiv, Pidhayetskiy district of Ternopil region, in the family of Mari and Leonid Hlyva about whom, regarding his child’s development, he wrote: “My parents instilled in me a love for Christian and human truths – love to Ukraine and "neighbor" – and immediately to injustice and crime which is brought to our land by all occupants. Already in early childhood I experienced notorious "pacification" of the Ukrainian population by military and police units “Rich Pospolyta of Poland” which oppressed Ukrainian, forbade us cultural expression and economic growth; struggle of AUN and the local population for Ukrainian schooling, national, social rights and savage and shameful murder of uncle Isidor by Polish army units already before the end of existences of independent Poland. In September 1939 into Western Ukraine entered Soviet troops and though with distrust, was expecting some relief for the local Ukrainian population. But unfortunately commune-Moscow "liberators" in the first month of "accession" of western lands like "hunters" for wild animals, hunting and killing Ukrainian patriots among severe winters in 1940 exported caught people in open transport vehicles in uncharted space of Siberia, Kazakhstan - because they were "bourgeois nationalists kurkuls" and something like that.

         In June 1941 on the areas of Galicia entered forces of "Third Reich". And despite how much we didn’t want to believe that they are aggressive and tough, as it is "nation of philosophers", but the "Third Reich" very brutally robbed  Ukraine's population of bread, and what worse – of human dignity (because all privileges were for "only for Germans" and not for "untermenshiv"). Moreover, invaders exported for slave labor to the "Reich" young people they managed to catch. That’s why in the age of immature I was captivated by the idea to take the role of "mature man" in the ranks of the AUN youth to participate in the defense of Ukraine's population, at first as ideological person, later as scout and then as a soldier that has brought me to the detention and judgment – sentence of death. "


         After moving from Europe to Australia Yeavgen Hlyva works at the most difficult excavation work of digging canals in section irrigation of desert lands of the Department of Public Works southwestern Australia, where he met with a heavy fate of the indigenous population of the continent and is involved in organizing the Ukrainian public, religious and cultural life. In 1952, he moved to Sydney and after many wanderings got a job in a lawyer's office, continued to Legal Studies, organized the Saturday school for children where Ukrainian teachers were taught: Zynovia Ostrovska, Mamchak, Hayevska and Valya Babych, singing society, the conductor of which was Volodymyr Ostrovskiy, drama circle, directed by Gregoriy Maslyuk. Rector of Kamyanets-Podilskiy University professor Ivan Ohiyenko at that time immigrant to Canada, despite the distance Y. Hlyva very honored, read many of his works and in addition, many heard enough from professor Hayevskiy who to the end of his life was Australian archbishop Sylvester and Struk who also in the days of rector Ivan Ohiyenko worked with him in Kamyanets-Podilskiy University. "His feats as a pastor - Metropolitan Hilarion, - noted Y. Hlyva- especially valuable. He as distinguished scholar, as Archbishop, greatly contributed to the spiritual unification of Ukrainian at areas of the continent of America. And even when Hierarchy of UGC Church with exception of two bishops – Isidor Boretskiy from Canada and Ivan Proshko from Melbourne - did not follow the voice of Cardinal Rubin, Ukraine today would be spiritually united. Patriarch Slipyi exceptionally valued him”.

         The second half of the 50-th of XX century – time for catching wasted in science because of attack of all invaders from Europe and Asia to Ukraine, restoring his lifelong appointment in the service of man, his health and authenticity. Entered to medical and psychological studies, which finished with doctoral dissertation, which reviewers were professors and doctors of psychology – Volodymyr Yaniv, Oleksandr von Kulchytskiy and Stanislav  Kratohvil.


         In the 60-th of XX century was held a meeting with world famous Austrian psychotherapist Viktor Frankl, about whom Yevgen Hlyva mentioned like this: “Then at one international congress in the US organizer of the Congress led me to the honorary table at a banquet at the opening of the Congress and sat me near older than I doctor with a note:" You will have to talk about ... ".

In a conversation I learned that the source - Viktor Frankl, who was well informed that I am Ukrainian, was imprisoned by the Gestapo and had the sentence of death, and that was in Krakow prison "Mantelyupih", concentration camps "Hrosrozen" "Mauthausen "" Amstetten "and" Ebenzeye". His first question to me sounded very glaringly so that I do not really like, "Why do you live?", “…What tranquilizers you are taking?”, "Which hospitals for the mentally ill were you patient?", "What did you make for that you are still alive?”, " Who helped you to live? "," Who you owe your life? "," Do you believe in miracles? ", “Did some lord take care of you?” and so on.

My answers to his questions he probably liked because I did not know (and do not know to this day)  why my death sentence wasn’t carried out and how I survived miraculously and kept alive in prison and concentration camps. And so I told him that I wanted and I want to live for Ukraine, because to die at such a young age would flow potential life of a young man. When I started to answer his question with abstract categories and reasoning, he persistently demanded facts, not concepts and reasoning.

After several hours of conversation, he told me his theory that man lives only when there is something to live for and that he is a former assistant of Sigmund Freud, as a result of own observations from"Auschwitz" writing a book that would call "speech therapy"[ Hlyva Y. Principles of Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy. - Sydney: The Lion, 1998. - P.319].


to doctors and psychologists

Since 1975 Y. Hlyva teaches psychotherapy and hypnotherapy for certified physicians and psychologists, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, South Korea. Main scientific achievements released by Y. Hlyva in English that taught by him at medical and psychological courses cover the following issues: “Phenomena of hypnosis and its usage in the process of hypnotherapy”, “Technique, principles of induction and deepening trance”, “Principles of hypno sugestion and auto-hypnosis”, “Principles of hypno-analysis”, “Spontaneous and induced abreaction”, “Usefulness of the usage of Hyp­notic Trans Induction”, “Treatment of insomnia, phobia, smo­king, migrain, obesity and anxiety”, “Principles of the use of hyp­notic methods in psychosomatic illnesses”, “Value of usage the hypno­sis in client centred and other methods of therapy”, “Use of hypnosis in sexual disfunctions”, “Value in therapeutic process and extended hypnotic vacation”, “The importance of therapist’s aqua­intances with the theories of personality of hypnosis”. Author of scientific articles and reports: “The use of hypnosis in client centred and other methods of  therapy”, The phenomena of hypnosis use­ful in hypnotherapy”, “Principles of entering and deepening of hypnotic trance”, “Principles of hypnoanalysis”, “Spontaneous and formally induced abreaction in the process of psychoanalysis”, “Profile of hypnotic induction - its use in psychotherapy”, “Treatment of psychosomatic illnesses”, “Treatment of migraine, insomnia, obesity and anxiety”, “The use of conducted hypnotic trance and rest”, “The use of proctracted hypnotic rest”, “The use of hypno therapeutic methods in sexual disfunctions”, The use of hypno therapeutic methods in derma­tolgy illnesses”, “Use of hypnosis in general medical and surgical, and especially obstetrical [obstetric - due to psycho-physiological and pathological changes of the mother organism due to childbirth and obstetric operations. - Ed. of S. Boltivets] situations”, “About the importance of ema­nation in the process of psychotherapy”, “About values of the theory of personality in the psychotherapeutic process”, “About ontological image of personality in the writings of Grygoriy Skovoroda”, “Essay of the theory of hypnosis in the research of own pheno­menological observations” and others.



Dr. Yevgen Hlyva - a participant and co-organizer of many national and international professional conferences "Lindauer Psychotherapie Wochen" in Germany; "Comparftive Psychiatric Therapies", University of Southern California "," California School of Medicine "," International Society of Hypnosis and Psychosomatic Medicine ", Harvard," International Society of Hypnosis and Psychosomatic Medicine, Philadelphia (USA), where he made the continued resolution exposed the Soviet Union as a country that makes abuse of psychiatry for political purposes.

In 1976 a three-year general meeting "International Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis and Psychosomatic Medicine" Yevgen Hlyva introduced a resolution to expel the Soviet Union from membership of the organization in view of the fact that the Serbian Institute uses psychological methods to combat religious, national and feelings of other people. The resolution, despite the protest of head of the delegation of the USSR Roznov professor, chief physician Institute of Serbia, was accepted. The text of the resolution, published in "ABN correspondence", the Australian newspaper "Free Thought", a semi-official organ of the League of Ukrainian Political prisoners "Way victory" and other publications.

It says Yevgen Hlyva in published by him in Ukrainian in Sydney book "Principles of psychotherapy and hypnotherapy," which revealed the formation genesis and dynamics problems of the patient, the division of psychotherapy for maintenance and re-educate, considered bihevioryzm theory of acquisition that "focuses on the patient" psychotherapy of Carl Rogers, the hypothesis of the process of therapy, characterization of therapeutic procedures, evaluation of psychoanalysis and the role transference, existentialism, theories of hypnosis as suggestion and form ґisteriyi, the attitude of the child to the parents purposeful actions boundless ego, primitive psychophysiological functioning, atavistic theories of hypnosis and hypnosis as a conditioned reflex . In the study of hypnosis revealed many important factors, such as hypnosis in psychotherapy, the practical application of hypnosis in psychotherapy of hypno analysis, technology of hypno analysis, technical errors in the short hypnotherapy induction hypnosis techniques to deepen the hypnotic trance post hypnotic amnesia test the depth of trance, strategy formation, reconstruction phobias, pain treatment, psychosomatic illnesses, asthma, auto hypnosis use for the purpose of self-help.

Lifelong exemplar of hypnotherapist

In the book "Ontological image of human  in the  work of Gregoriy Skovoroda" (2006) Yevgen Hlyva made a psychological analysis of the outstanding thinker substantiate usefulness to humanity the right of self-knowledge. The author stresses that G. Skovoroda, along with other prominent experts in the human psyche, seeking the way to attain happiness, which basically is the goal of life, pointed to the path that leads one to comprehend not only temporal happiness and eternal happiness and that it has not been the subject of study of psychology.

Yevgen Hlyva, referring to Immanuel Kant, William James, Adrian van Kaama, Karl Gustav Jung, Malcolm Dzhivsa and Christian philosophers, justifies ontological faith as a proper scientific method, which he enjoyed in this practice; notes that axiology, which underestimated sciences in modern time, or limited to "practice evaluation" is fundamental science in the study of human nature. In this respect life activity G. Skovoroda is an example, which always declares itself committed to the will of the Creator and recognizes Scripture his "guiding light, lighthouse, doctor and pharmacy" and indicates that lonely road to human happiness - it's unconditional faith in God. In these works the author paid much attention to psychological problems, their genesis and prevention in accordance with the Scriptures, confronted the legacy of Gregoriy Skovoroda the global psycho-logical science, the works of Karl Jaspers, Gabriel Marseille, Karl Gustav Jung, Malcolm Dzhivsa, Adrian van Kaama and other.

About his life and the era in which lived, Yevgen Hlyva wrote: "My life and times, which are destined to live - not simple and rapid, particularly picky when I want to be" a "and not a servant unrelated interests. Since childhood regret and proud at the same time for those who gave life "on guard" and its own national pride and identity, but far more suffering for those who are allowed to become " dirt of strangers " and even hostile interests.

Without the generous Christian and national parental heart, which, for the natural human fear fed his son; no examples of heroic figures who gave their lives on the altar of the homeland; trust me without my organizational captains, and are especially Yaroslav Stetsko and Stephen Lenkavskiy - almost I would have satisfied him.

Ukrainian Free University Rector Professor Volodymyr  Yaniv opened in my penchant for science and treated me as a "colleague", pointing at my ability to "self-criticism" and encouraged while the appeals: "Write!"

Psychology person for me - it is an endless process without end, has the ability to improve. Therefore, workers in the field of psychology could wish without fatigue curiosity, thirst for knowledge, endurance, consistency and, above all - humility. Carl Gustav Jung rightly warned researchers of the human psyche: no need to forcibly enter a brief psychological research method (natural) science for mental always be mental, acting on their own laws.

I am grateful to the God for, though rather late at my age, he allowed me to get known with the work of Gregoriy Skovoroda, in which once knew "philosopher existential style" and later "the original architect of the theory of personality" that ensured  me one thing: human happiness is " inside "that preach to my students. Man is only happy "when a person opens" and "remain a true (loyal)"! "

Dr. Yevgen Hlyva awarded  several awards in Ukraine and Australia, among them - gold diploma of Ukrainian Heritage Association of Australia for sacrificial activities in the Ukrainian diaspora, Diploma from the Australian Society of Hypnosis for their commitment to preparing students who study at degree of clinical hypnosis ( Certificate of Appreciation from the Australian society of hypnosis for dedication of training of students undertaking diploma in clinical hypnosis), quotes the recognition of many years of hard work and education department of the President of the Australian association of clinical hypnosis Diploma Ukrainian Coordination Bureau of International public and state program "education adults in Ukraine "with the assistance of the Institute of Lifelong learning UNESCO diplomas of the State Institute of family and youth policy of Ukraine for outstanding scientific contribution to the formation of decent human values ​​of modern Ukrainian youth of the All-Ukrainian Association of Ivan Ohiyenko for his outstanding contribution to the spiritual development of Ukrainian society by means of psychological science , Clinics active treatment of special states "Athos" (Kyiv, Ukraine) for his outstanding contribution to the development of methods of healing hypnotherapy rights.

Yevgen Hlyva elected a foreign member of APS of Ukraine December 7, 2005, October 22, 2009 he was awarded the title of Doctor of Psychology Institute of Psychology named after Gregoriy Kostiuk Academy; in 2012 he was awarded the Medal of Gregoriy Skovoroda in 2015 - Medal of the National Medical Chamber of Ukraine "For loyalty Hippocratic Oath."

Scientific works of  Dr. Yevgen Hlyva, which were published in Ukrainian in Soviet times, Ukrainian sprang among psychologists in complete secrecy, in particular, his book "Materiality in psychological theories of human personality" (Munich, 1947. – 230p.) "Psychotherapy in the Western world and the Soviet Union" (Munich, 1973. – 310p.) "The problem of identity in the light of modern psychotherapy and unconscious" (Munich, 1974. – 340p.).

Since gaining independence Ukraine appeared able to read and enjoy books of Dr. Yevgen Hlyva issued in Australia, such as: "The principles of psychotherapy and hypnotherapy" (Sydney, 1998. – 344p.), And then in Ukraine: "Introduction to Psychotherapy "(Ostrog-Kyiv, 2004. – 530p.) "Ontological image of man in the work of Gregoriy Skovoroda" (K., 2006. - 256 p.), Which is now available in the public domain.

At the same time essential to the modern reader with Ukrainian scientific research of Dr. Yevgen Hlyva, which were published in English, and still in need of translation and publication of the Ukrainian language. Serve in Ukrainian translation name only the most important of them: "characteristics of the state of hypnosis" (Phenomena characteristic to hypnotic state); "On the method of administration and deepening hypnotic trance" (Methods of induction and deepening of hypnosis); "Principles and methodology hypno analysis" (Principles and methods of hypno-analysis); "On spontaneous and induced abreaction Target" (Spontaneous and induced abreaction); "On account hypnotic induction" (Hypnotic induction profile); "The treatment of anxiety, insomnia, phobias, smoking and migraine" (Treatment of anxiety, insomnia, phobia, smoking and migrain); "Methods of treatment of psychosomatic ills" (Methods of treatment of psychosomatic illnesses); "Extended hypnotic relaxation" (Protracted hypnotic rest); "The use of hypnosis in person-centered therapy" (The use of hypnosis in client centred therapy); "On the utility knowledge of the theory of hypnosis in clinical practice" (About the values ​​of good aquaintences of theories of hypnosis in psychotherapeutic processes); "Treatment of sexual dysfunction" (Treatment of sexual disfunctions).

Dr. Yevgen Hlyva is the author of several articles on social and political issues under pseudonyms Y. Nosovskii, Y.Levkovych, Oles, Odud and others. Unfortunately, we have to say that about him in Ukraine had wrongly written, his name and a brief information sheet filed in the Information handbook Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine (Kyiv .: ped. Opinion, 2008. - S. 133), Article of Svetlana Yakovenko " Ontological image of man in the work of Gregoriy Skovoroda "Dr. Yevgen Hlyva // Adult Education in Ukraine [zb.nauk.prats Internet project]. - K., 2009.

Hypnosis circle "SYDNEY - Kiev"

During the last decade, at the National Medical University named after Alexander Bogomolets, independent expert psychological research training center "Good" and active therapy clinic special conditions "Athos" acting Ukrainian group hypnosis Dr. Yevgen Hlyva. Yes, sent Dr. lecture, greeting, guidance, answers to the questions begin meeting Ukrainian guys hipnolohiv - rehabilitation psychologists, therapists, dentists, surgeons, senior students of universities in Ukraine. Each circle meeting Dr. Yevgen Hlyva sends its own considerations instruction on the theory and practice hypological studios, congratulations, encouragement and empowerment. In its like put himself Evgeny Leonidovich, inaugural lectures, written specially for the opening of nominal circle and sent for delivery to Ukraine, he wrote: "I congratulate esteemed colleagues who found a need and energy to see in the known oldest treatment method, now called hypnosis . Without the intention to suppress the enthusiasm should gladly admit that the phenomenon known as hypnosis depends mainly on the subject; Hypnosis - a gift that already at birth sat every person in the path of life, on an unconscious level, it only improves it often deepens, models, and even completely loses the ability to enter into hypnosis. My definition of hypnosis is: Hypnosis - a natural human capacity building, which spontaneously manifested in the life and which may be caused by another person. "

The participants of the Ukrainian Circle Hypnosis Dr. Yevgen Hlyva is a Doctor of Psychology, Professor of National Pedagogical Dragomanov University Ihor Bushay  Doctor of Physics and Mathematics Sciences, Head of the mathematical modeling of physical processes of the Institute of Cybernetics of NAS of Ukraine Valery Pisarenko, MD, scientific director of the Clinic of active therapy special classes, Professor Yuri Pakin, PhD, hypnotherapist and psychologist Alexey Shevtsov, dentist Saeed Azodi Far (m. Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran), President of the World Council of psychotherapists, rector of the University of Sigmund Freud, Alfred Pritts (m. Vienna, Republic of Austria), MD of the University of Alberta (Canada) Mariana Dyuksher students of different faculties National medical University named after Alexander Bogomolets, psychologists and educators Kiev-Pechersk lyceum №171 "Leader", teachers psychology universities in Ukraine.

As one of the most active orudnykiv Ukrainian circle hypnosis behalf of Dr. Yevgen Hlyva Basil Gumenyuk, "studying at the National Medical University named after Alexander Bogomolets, we decided to restore the majestic spiritual, or as is aptly wrote Ivan Ohiyenko (Metropolitan Hilarion), belonging to the human spirit, and therefore - the spiritual treasures of Ukrainian culture, mastery of which incomplete without an understanding of and use in certain circumstances, including for therapeutic and recreational purposes as thoroughly grounded prominent Ukrainian hypnotherapist Yevgen Hlyva, possession of such an important component as an application of hypnosis. For this, we have created a psychological group that our enthusiasm and inspiration called the name of Eugene oyster.

By Ukrainian psychological hypnosis circle named Eugene oyster enrolled students of different faculties, including medical and - dental, doctors, therapists, psychologists. The answer is simple: first, visitors believe that the medical officer, which he was not specialization, should have at least basic knowledge of hypnosis, because it all my life to work with people to save and improve their lives. We encourage to us to go and people with non-medical, but most importantly – human known specializations to them it was interesting that they used the knowledge of good intentions.

The content of the meetings hypnologic lessons and exercises planned by professional wishes of participants, and the condition of direct participation in the implementation of the proposed methods and exercises most initiators: "Before you offer to others, try for yourself and prove the usefulness and functionality of every action and hypnotic way" - this attitude unites guys.

I had a mission to carry out supervision (coaching) that includes hardware verification physiological indicators. This psychological Ukrainian used machines created on my initiative and participation, including Ukrainian unit "protection" that allows you to measure hundreds of sensorimotor reactions po¬kaznykiv human individual mikrorytmiv tremor fingers, values ​​lability perception, emotional intensity light man "Vector" , psychological structure "Shine," "Piatra", "root of" and others, including encephalography hypnotic state.

The work of the group hypnosis Ukrainian Dr. Yevgen Hlyva repeatedly confirmed and evidenced as the work of the Kharkiv hypnotherapy schools that belong to hipnabelnist reliable indicators of mental health. Therefore, developing the ability to autohipnozu is an important component of mental health of every adult in the modern, more uskladnyuvanomu, social world. Perhaps it is the emotional empowerment sensitive soul genius Ukrainian poetess Lina Kostenko as we showed the feeling of hypnosis in the poem "A night flying, like mallard":

 And the evening flies like a mallard,

 Outlined city blue wings.

 In silver fascinated approximations

 We are like shadows, we have not we.

 It's like hypnosis as a Mania abyss

 As current thirst, pain in his voice,

 When burning mouth, until cold,

 It is not able to pronounce the words.

The act of the future

Liberally blossoms Ukrainian soul around the world, representing more wondrous still incredible ability to Ukrainian talent and national genius that is likely to continue from generation to generation hid thousands of enemies our wise prapraschury to pass on a legacy to posterity for future flowering of and the rise of the Ukrainian nation. Dr. Yevgen Hlyva earnestly heed to what happened. Convinced that his biography and appreciation and introduction to the scientific use of modern Ukraine its multifaceted scientific work, including English-language scientific papers and socio-political journalism - all this requires the efforts of researchers in the field of Ukrainian studies, psychology Ukrainian people, personality psychology, theory of hypnosis and many other areas of social and humanities.

Indisputable is world important fact unknown in human cultures of other nations, which is three times the experience of man's own death in the first, a young half life and create it in the next, mature period, act lifelong self-realization in a related to their life purpose - the one hypnotherapist and psychotherapists greatest English-speaking world, though would have, if not the occupation of Ukraine, to serve the recovery of mental and physical health of their own Ukrainian nation. Early life entirely devoted E. oyster deadly battle for life and the will of the Ukrainian people and other colonized by Russian and German occupiers peoples of Europe, embodied integrity amazingly mature in the next fight for life, health and authenticity individual personality of each patient by means of psychotherapy and hypnotherapy.

Scientific selfless Ukrainian Yevgen Hlyva - is to create a unique humanistic theories of hypnosis, whose purpose is akin to an individual human, Gregoriy Skovoroda determined according to the person with the highest spiritual values. Hypnotherapy as a method of psychotherapy in clinical practice thereby gained reliable spiritual dimension, height, spirit, equal geniuses Ukrainian - Gregoriy Skovoroda and Ivan Ohiyenko and Yevgen Hlyva.




Болтівець Сергій Іванович.

Ціложиттєва теорія гіпнозу Євгена Гливи.

У статті подано життєпис, охарактеризована науко­ва і громадська діяльність психолога, психотерапевта і гіпнотерапевта Євгена Гливи. Розкрито внутрішню драму осо­бистих хвилювань філогенетичної депривації українського етносу, опору соціально-психологічним шкідливостям, індивідуального переживання власної смерті. Висвітлено основні наукові набутки цього дос­тойного  провідника українства у теорії і практиці психотерапевтичного використання гіпнозу, гіпно­терапії, гіпносуґестії, аутогіпнозу, гіпноаналізу, психо­логічного аналізу творчості Г.С. Сковороди.

 Ключові слова: Євген Глива, жити для України, онтологічна віра, психотерапія, гіпноз, гіпнотерапія.




Болтивец Сергей Иванович.

Целожизненная теория гипноза Евгена Глывы.

 В статье представлена биография, охарактеризована научная и общественная деятельность психолога, психотерапевта и гипнотерапевта Евгена Глывы. Рас­крыто внутреннюю драму личных волнений филогене­тической депривации украинского этноса, сопро­тивления социально-психологическому вредительству, индивидуального переживания собственной смерти. Освещены основные научные достижения этого яркого поводыря украинского духа в теории и практике пси­хотерапевтического применения гипноза, гипнотера­пии, гипносугестии, аутогипноза, гипно­анализа, психологического анализа творчества Г.С. Ско­вороды.

 Ключевые слова: Евген Глыва, жить для Украины, онтологическая вера, психотерапия, гипноз, гипно­терапия.





Boltivets Serhiy.

Lifelong theory of hypnosis Eugene Hlywa.

The article presents a biography, scholarly and social activities of a psychologist, psychotherapist and hypnothe­rapist Eugene Hlywa. It contains a description of personal experiences of states of phylogenetic deprivation of Ukrai­nian ethnicity, resistance to socio-psychological harm, individual experiences of imminent death threat. It examines the fundamental scientific achievements in the theory and practice of psychotherapy using hypnosis, hypnotherapy, hypnosuggestion, self-hypnosis, hypno­analysis and psychological analysis of H. Skovoroda’s works.

Key words: Eugene Hlywa, to live for Ukraine, ontho­logical faith, psychotherapy, hypnosis, hypnotherapy.


Опубліковано у №1 журналу за 2016 рік. С. 6-15.





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